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+ years in web development

With over 14 years of experience in the web domain, I have developed a particular proficiency in Symfony, PHP ecosystem, React, React Native (mobile dev), and the Node.js ecosystem. I have been engaged in developing websites and platforms for a diverse range of clients across various sectors.

My career journey at Publicis allowed me to ascend through several roles, culminating in the position of CTO. Initially, I established myself as a lead developer and eventually took charge of a team of 8 developers, overseeing numerous projects. Our custom projects primarily utilized Symfony for the back-end and React or React Native for the front-end.

For the past few years, I've been spearheading the development and management of Beautysané company's development activities. My work spans from the creation of e-commerce sites to the development of processing APIs and the various back-offices used by both internal and external teams. A significant part of this challenge has been overcoming the considerable technical debt to evolve into a stable platform and system that is primed for future expansion and growth.

Currently, operating as a freelancer, I leverage my accumulated experience to provide value to my clients. I am a resourceful problem-solver, committed to implementing the most suitable solutions within the intended ecosystem.

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  • Freelance @Mine / RK Conseil

    2019-Present | Remote / Paris / Toulouse

    I leverage my accumulated experience to provide value to my clients. I am a resourceful problem-solver, committed to implementing the most suitable solutions within the intended ecosystem.

  • Tech Lead @Citéo

    2022-Present | Remote / Paris

    As a hands-on Tech Lead, I manage multiple developer teams, comprising a total of 12 members. My role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from architecture design to code development and review. I ensure optimal performance while also setting the technical vision, managing technical debt, and more. My work is rooted in a mission-driven company, where we are all committed to building a better world.

  • CTO / Tech Lead @Beautysané

    2019-2022 | Remote / Paris

    I served as a Technical Consultant for a Food Tech firm based in Luxembourg and France. One of my primary responsibilities was to overhaul a legacy API in order to create a new e-commerce website, catering to direct sales alongside external sales representatives. This redesign improved data consistency and performance significantly. I was also tasked with enhancing the back-office for managerial staff, in particular to improve the visibility of various statistics, using technologies like ReactJs and Node.js. Additionally, I dedicated myself to monitoring and enhancing the platform's security measures against cyber threats, and ensured smooth performance during traffic surges due to factors like month-end closing or promotional events. Key technologies used in my role included Symfony, React, React Native, Rest, Swagger, JWT, Woocommerce, among others. For more information about my work, please visit: Beautysané / Beautysane BO.

  • FullStack Developer @Aéro Company

    2019 | Remote

    Development of an in-flight pdf reader solution. Offline use of ReactJs and ReactNative (WebApp and MobileApp).

  • CTO Hands-on @Publicis / Monkees

    2013-2018 | Toulouse / Paris

    I allocated my time in two primary segments. The first involved managing a team of eight developers, overseeing pre-project tasks such as tender processes, estimations, team structuring, and ensuring adherence to best coding practices. The second portion of my time was dedicated to working on tailor-made projects, utilizing Symfony for back-end development and predominantly React or React Native for the front-end development. For projects requiring quicker turnarounds, we used Wordpress or pure PHP. I had the privilege of serving high-profile clients including PSG, Carrefour, Intermarché, Tribord, Décathlon, and BMW among others.

  • Freelance Dev Web @Mine

    2011-2013 | Toulouse / Paris

    Freelance mainly in event application development. Large part of Facebook application development with contests and use of Facebook APIs (Open Graph). Website development (back & front) as well.

  • Web Developer @AMG Development

    2011-2012 | Toulouse

    Web Developer PHP. Wordpress and Magento mainly. Front and back. First experience in ecommerce.

  • Web Developer @Choosit (Spiriit now)

    2009-2011 | Montpellier

    Web developer and integrator for institutional and event websites. Front, back and servers. First experience in the world of work, I learned a lot about very different types of work depending on the client.